Une femme au volant de sa vie – “A woman in charge of her own life”

Non classé

“I never knew what I wanted to do, but I knew the type of woman I wanted to be” – Diane Von Furstenberg

Choosing female role models was an important step for me. A few years ago I read “The Woman I wanted To Be” by Diane Von Furstenberg. She speaks about her life, her mother, background, love and her fight to become this woman. The woman “au volant de sa propre vie” – in charge of her own life. Not dependent upon a man and with the freedom to make her own decisions.

I realised that at the heart of this was one of the most prominent life lessons I inherited from my own mother. Not from her words, but from observing her actions. How she had decided what kind of life she wanted and the kind of life she wanted for her children. She achieved that goal. I watched her. And I learned that two of the most valuable determinants of great success are both hard work and faith.

Hard work.

And faith.

I remember this as I run my own race, and begin my journey. It’s easy to recall our achievements, but it is important to recall the work and sacrifices that went into achieving them. I see this already in my own life. And in my search for understanding and purpose in the pursuit of the dreams that God has laid on my heart; I am always mindful of this. And when I am not, I will return to this post and remind myself,


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