TIME: A reflection


One year ago, today, I made this post on Facebook.

It was ascension, and given the occasion, as well as my unending wanderlust, I flew myself to Paris for a few days where I attended mass at the beautiful Basilique du Sacré Coeur; walked the streets past midnight, taking in the sights and sounds; and in my heart, reclaiming my freedom.



Time is our only non-renewable resource.

I took myself on vacation for a week. Unapologetically, airplane mode on, suitcase in tow; I invested my time in myself.

Taking time to think, pray, read, learn, write, visualize: I pushed myself wholly and deliberately outside of my comfort zone. I detoxed mental fatigue, anxiety and the weight of so-called obligations. I was present and reflective. I walked miles, taking in the beauty of the city.

I returned with a heart of gratitude, peace and love. It was a transformative experience that I may never forget. I wrote down every single one of my fears (in excruciating detail) on a piece of paper. Then I struck a match and burned it to cinders.

I didn’t plan to share this with anyone. I’ve decided to share because there’s someone out there who is wasting their life’s most precious resource waiting for something to happen (or end); trying not to disappoint anyone or simply caught up in the day-to-day, resolutions completely forgotten, wondering where the year has gone and what they have to show for it. Someone may be inadvertently living life at 50%, 70% or even 80% capacity; but never giving it 100.

Perhaps they’ve started to doubt if their dream could ever become a reality, and decided to settle for something less, something easier, something conventional.

I would urge this person to take (or even tow) themself to the mental autogarage for a full service. Reevaluate everything. Take time to think and pray. Forget about where you need to be and what you need to do. It’s your life. Why not invest some time in yourself: claim your life back and give that life your all. Because it’s the only one you have.

Happy Sunday! – Au Musée du Louvre, 24 Mai 2015


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